Automotive lighting

No matter your interior and exterior automotive lighting applications, our automotive lighting portfolio provides the right solution. Such as protected single or multi-channel power switches. Highlights include our Power MOSFET PROFET™ products with smart diagnose and protection features. And SPOC™ products, which allow you to control, configure and diagnose on the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

LED lighting in automotive

Bringing energy-saving LEDs to your automotive lighting applications. Infineon LITIX™ Auto LED drivers provide top LED advantages and fully protect your automotive lighting application. Take advantage of diagnostic functions of open and short LEDs with derivatives from our LITIX™ Auto LED Driver family – mandatory features for driving LED lighting in harsh automotive conditions.

Our automotive-specific LED lighting drivers include:

Linear LED drivers for rear lights

High-current LED driver for front lights

switched DC/DC buck and boost for the best energy efficiency

Central body control module

LED rear light module

LED and lamp drivers for automotive lighting applications