Infineon XC800 FLOAD V4.7 - Release Notes

Current Version: 4.7 (July 2008)

The Infineon XC800 FLOAD is intended to handle the microcontroller on-chip FLASH of the XC800 families. According to the capabilities of the respective on-chip memory device the program allows to erase, program, verify and protect the module. To program a memory device one can open an Intel-Hex-File and write its contents into the memory device. Infineon XC800 FLOAD 4 can be used on PC's running Microsoft Windows9x, WindowsNT 4.0, Windows2000 or WindowsXPPro. The target is connected to the host PC using a standard RS232 or USB ports.



To install Infineon XC800 FLOAD V4.7 go to the setup directory and run setup.exe.

Supported operating systems:

Please Note:
You need administrator permissions to install the program on Windows NT based systems.

Supported Controller Families

This version provides support for programming on-chip FLASH memory devices on target systems based on controllers of the following families:

Supported On-Chip Memory Devices

Supported Communication Devices / Interfaces

Features implemented

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