University Relations

Infineon Technologies Romania has established strong relations with major technical universities and research institutes across Romania, Transylvania, and the Moldova Republic. These include: National Research and Development Institute for Micro-technology, IMT, in Bucharest, the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, the University ‘Gheorghe Asachi’, Iaşi, the University of Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania and recently, the Transylvania University of Braşov and Technical University of Chisinau in Moldova Republic. 

Infineon Romania’s cooperation with universities covers all levels of a tertiary education ─ undergraduate to post-graduate, enriching curricula with topics pertaining to IC design and the semiconductor development domain, offering internships and trainings as well as Masters and PHD programs. Furthermore, Infineon Romania offers scholarships to outstanding students specializing in fields pertaining to its domain. 

Moreover, in view of promoting the microelectronic research and development section and expanding its infrastructure, Infineon Romania has installed equipped labs with access to students in both Bucharest Polytechnic and Iaşi technical universities. 

Furthermore, the Infineon development center in Bucharest partners with universities and academic / research bodies to carry out joint research and development at the public as well as private level. 

Last but not least, Infineon Romania hosts events and competitions related to the electronics domain, taking place on campus grounds and beyond, e.g. The Tudor Tanasescu annual student competition in electronics for ‘Analog Integrated Circuits and Signals’ and ‘Circuits and Systems’.