We work wonders

Infineon’s International Graduate Program (IGP)

Do you have the potential to be a superhero? Here is your chance to prove your powers: Work wonders as a member of the IGP at Infineon.

You will work wonders with our products which themselves have super powers. They help people pay contactlessly and securely for their tickets in the London underground and allow activity trackers to precisely measure your heartbeat. They make your car drive on its own and make it possible to send your friends photos of the last concert in 3D. You think that is not enough? We feel the same!  At Infineon every product works wonders in everyday life – and so do you.

Joining the IGP will get you the full insight: during the course of 18 months you will have at least three different assignments – one of them abroad. You can start the program in different locations. How about Munich, Singapore or Los Angeles? You can join us as an electrical engineer in product marketing, as a psychologist in Human Resources or as a graduate in computer science in our corporate supply chain and much more. After completing the program you will start your target position with a permanent contract. To find open positions take a look at our job search.