Career Orientation

School graduation – and then what? Finding the right career isn’t easy. We’d like to help you, and we offer internships and various apprenticeships orientation campaigns. 

Career Orientation at Infineon
All doors are open to you once you finish school. With this, it’s easy to lose your orientation. We’ll help you find it again.


Which apprenticeship is actually the best fit for me? What further education do I need to reach my goals? Are you currently dealing with these or similar questions? Then it’s high time to find some answers. To really find out which job is the right one, it can never hurt to give one a try. An internship is the ideal way to experience the working world for first hand and to understand the tasks and challenges ahead.

During a school internship at Infineon, you can experience the world of high-tech up close, have a look into interesting career fields and discover your own capabilities:

  • Internships for Haupt- and Realschule students, as well as Gymnasium students (i.e., pupils from various levels of secondary education), at all locations Requirements: good grades, interest in technology
    Duration: 1-2 Weeks
  • Organized group internship weeks are sometimes organized during school holidays.
  • Technical pre-study internships for university admission in Regensburg, Munich, and Warstein

School partnerships

In school, combining theory and practice is the most important thing of all. However, the practice part is often too short. To give you a glimpse into the everyday life of a company, we work together with various schools: For example, we organize excursions devoted to subjects such as energy, sensor technology or electroplating; we lead seminars and host application training sessions. At these events, experienced and friendly Infineon employees always have an open ear for you.


Girls’ Day, now offered throughout Europe, is designed to help awaken interest in natural sciences and technology among young women. Who knows? You might just discover your own talents in this field. The next Girls’Day will take place on April 22, 2021.

“Fit for the application”

As part of the ”Fit for the Application“ initiative sponsored by the Goinger Kreis, you have the opportunity to participate in a consultation day. This is an outstanding opportunity to practice application scenarios and to receive valuable feedback from one-on-one conversations with recruitment consultants.