Solutions for solar energy systems

Leading products for complete solar power solution

Infineon provides a comprehensive portfolio to deliver the best efficiency and reliability for solar applications. Infineon’s leading edge technology like Superjunction MOSFET, Trench + Fieldstop IGBT, Coreless transformer driver, etc, combined with rich experience and highest quality, ensured our No.1 position in solar application. The newest add ARM® Cortex™-M4 based MCU enables easy and high efficiency design.

Solar power conversion has three distinctive requirements:

  • System cost down: Inverters manufacturers will continuously optimize the price per output power on system level.
  • System efficiency: Efficiency is key for return of investment.
  • Reliability: 5+years lifetime for string inverters and 25 years for micro inverter and optimizer.

Infineon addresses above solar requirements with the best semiconductor solutions.

System cost down

  • Increasing switching frequency enables cost reduction on magnetic, housing, cooling, etc.
  • Infineon next generation CoolMOS™ C7 and TRENCHSTOP™ 5 IGBT with very low switching losses, enable higher switching frequencies.
  • CoolMOS™ P6 and TRENCHSTOP™ 5 offer superior price performance balance.


  • CoolMOS™ C7 offers industry highest efficiency at hard switching, CoolMOS™ CFD2 and upcoming Infineon CoolMOS™ P6 offer optimized efficiency across whole load for soft switching.
  • Infineon New OptiMOS™ has the lowest R DS(on) if the same packages will be compared, 50% less gate charge than competitor and offers the highest efficiency across the whole load condition.


  • Infineon has long industry experience in Si & SiC devices and power module production with highest reliability record
  • Driver ICs and boards (EiceDRIVER™) with coreless transformer technology offers isolation safety and stable life time performance
  • Infineon PressFIT mounting technology for highest contact reliability

Storing solar energy at home

New technology from Infineon promotes the adoption of renewables by enabling solar energy to be stored efficiently