Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Infineon Technologies' Corporate Social Responsibility. If you have additional questions not included below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Business Conduct Guidelines are globally binding rules applicable to every employee, each member of the managing board of Infineon Technologies AG and to each member of the board of directors or similar body of Infineon Group Companies, i.e. companies where Infineon Technologies AG owns directly or indirectly the majority of the voting rights. The Business Conduct Guidelines help us meet ethical and legal challenges in our day-to-day work.

Our Code of Conduct, the Infineon Technologies Business Conduct Guidelines, reflect our commitment to comply with internationally proclaimed human rights, including the protection of personal dignity and privacy of every individual.

We at Infineon Technologies adhere ourselves to the international and local laws and respect different cultural practices. We expect from our suppliers to do the same as well as to embrace, support and to be committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact Initiative. Aligned with our Business Conduct Guidelines, we develop in 2013 the new  Principles of Purchasing, in order to inform our suppliers about the ethical and legal requirements related with the challenges in their day-to-day business regarding to human rights and environmental sustainability. Our suppliers and service providers shall comply with these requirements and monitor their compliance with these principles.

In order to ensure efficient resources management, Infineon established a global management system, IMPRES (Infineon Integrated Management Program for Environment, Energy, Safety, and Health ), which integrates targets and processes relating to ecological sustainability (including energy management) as well as occupational safety and health protection.

IMPRES has been certified in accordance with o ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards worldwide. Additionally it has been certified in accordance with ISO 50001 energy management standard at our main European manufacturing sites as well as our Campeon corporate headquarters.

IMPRES is the “Infineon Integrated Management Program for Environment, Energy, Safety and Health”. It is a dynamic framework that integrate our safety, health, energy and environmental protection processes, strategy, and objectives using the highest standards on a global scale.

The policy is implemented within the framework of IMPRES. The Board Member responsible for environmental, safety and health issues defines the IMPRES policy and the objectives of the company.
The management at the individual sites sets appropriate targets within this scope of IMPRES objectives, and ensures that they are implemented through environmental, safety and health programs. The responsible management at each site periodically assesses IMPRES and aims at continuous reduction of adverse environmental, safety and health effects through the implementation of individual environmental, safety and health targets and measures.

We subject our IMPRES to periodic scrutiny at corporate and site level, and change it where and when necessary. The focus remains on implementing our IMPRES policy and achieving our objectives. We also examine the extent to which sites are achieving their own IMPRES programs and individual targets, and whether they fully comply with our internal regulations and those of legal and official bodies.
The most important tools for these examinations are inspections, audits, and management reviews. Audits by external auditors on behalf of Infineon Technologies take place at corporate level, and at our sites. Our Corporate Department for Environmental Affairs & Safety audits the production sites, which in turn perform their own regular internal inspections and audits. This enables us to maintain and improve the efficacy of our IMPRES.

Infineon is committed to the target that its use and sale of Conflict Minerals do not contribute to the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Infineon is taking systematic steps to avoid the use of Conflict Minerals in its supply chain that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the DRC and thereby achieving and maintaining a supply chain that is DRC Conflict Free. Please see our Conflict Minerals Policy as well as our Supplier Code for a Responsible Sourcing of Conflict Minerals


In order to receive Infineon's Conflict Minerals Reporting Template, please contact our support center: support@infineon.com