Infineon Compliance Contacts and procedure

Integrity and compliance with rules are guiding principles within Infineon. Everyone may report possible violations of local laws, the Business Conduct Guidelines (e.g. Anti Competitive Practices, Corruption, Conflicts of Interest, Misuse of Company Property, Information Security & Data Protection, Business Operations, Behavior, Human Rights) or other rules.

Infineon safeguards the interests of the whistleblower by providing assurances that all information received by the Compliance office will be treated confidentially. Whistleblowers will receive in due time confirmation of receipt of their report and will be duly informed about the investigation and its results. No one who reports a suspected compliance violation in good faith needs to fear disadvantages, even if the suspected violation turns out to be unjustified. We do not tolerate any retaliation against whistleblowers and will protect them in a resolute manner.

The Rules of Procedure for Reporting Violations of Laws, Directives and Suspected Violations contain further details.
Public Rules of Procedure for Reporting Violations of Laws, Directives and Suspected Violations.

The first point of contact for Infineon employees for any kind of report should be their manager.

The Compliance Office can be reached through the following communication channels:

By Email:

By Phone: +49(0) 89 234 83199

By Post: Infineon Technologies AG, IFAG CO, Am Campeon 1-15, 85579 Neubiberg, Germany

Alternatively the responsible Compliance Officer can be addressed.

The Infineon Integrity Line also can be used to report – personally or anonymously – possible violations. The electronic whistleblowing system is available in 8 languages for all Infineon employees as well as customers, suppliers, and other third parties.

In addition, employees of the Hungarian, Irish, Italian and Portuguese entities of Infineon can make a report via a local channel.

Local and external channels, as well as related information can be found here.