Compliance Trainings

Infineon has developed and implemented a Compliance training concept with different content and formats based on demand and relevance in the focus areas Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG), antitrust law and anti-corruption.

A basic e-learning for each focus area is implemented in our learning management system, which are mandatory for all employees for BCG and selected employees for antitrust law and anti-corruption. New hires are automatically enrolled in our basic e-learnings which must be repeated every three years.

In addition, Microlearnings are developed based on relevant scenarios to foster self-managed learning experience.

Virtual training sessions, in particular in the areas of antitrust law, are offered on a yearly basis for employees who are interested.

Finally, face-to-face trainings are conducted for high-risk target groups, which are mandatory for those who are selected by Compliance.

Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG) Training
The BCG web-based training refers to the BCG itself, in particular business ethics, manager obligations, antitrust law, corruption prevention, human rights, discrimination and harassment at the workplace, cyber security and reporting lines in case of violations and is available in ten different languages. This mandatory training must be performed by all employees worldwide.

Anti-Corruption Training
The anti-corruption training is a web-based training and is mandatory for selected employees. There are two modules in place, namely the “Anti-corruption – basics” module and the “Anti-corruption for procurement, sales & marketing” module, both available in seven different languages.

Antitrust law Training
Infineon’s antitrust law training curriculum include web-based/face-to-face trainings and microlearnings which are mandatory for selected employees and optional for everyone else who wants to participate.