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Infineon conducts webinars related to our key segments industrial, automotive and security.

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Infineon`s full system solution for portable generator

Whether it’s cooking, surfing the internet, doing laundry, or simply lighting our homes, many everyday activities consume energy. In case of a power outage, portable generators provide a back-up electricity source, allowing people to complete the most essential of these daily tasks. Further, because they are easy to transport, portable generators can flexibly stand in if there’s no socket nearby for your power tools or should you want to enjoy power-dependent recreational activities away from home.

We'd like to invite you to the webinar "Infineon`s Full System Solution for "Portable generator". Infineon’s full system solution for portable generator will be presented with focus on inverter.

Join the webinar and learn more about our recommendations for your portable generator design!

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All webinars at a glance

The webinars are all free of charge and are hold in English. In about 60 minutes, some selected experts will guide you through specific topics and answer your questions in a Q&A session.