Security for the connected world
Security for the connected world

Innovative semiconductor solutions for added security

New technologies make everyday life more convenient: We shop, conduct our banking transactions and attend to dealings with authorities online, and we use keyless systems for opening cars and doors. However, new functionalities often harbor new risks. Weak points in inadequately secured systems permit identity theft and spying, data manipulation or counterfeiting.

Infineon’s semiconductor security technologies protect digital information from misuse: They guard over virtual money and sensitive electronic documents. Nowadays chips capable of processing encrypted data without converting it into readable text beforehand are used for the purpose.

Innovative semiconductors also protect notebooks and digital cameras against, for instance, inferior counterfeit batteries by electronic acceptance only of the original parts. Infineon chips also guard data security in the car, whether in data exchange, theft protection or in the electronic payment of road tolls and parking fees.

Infineon resolves the incompatibility of communication requirements and privacy. By combining hardware security and encryption technology, Infineon’s chip solutions form the basis for data protection and data security while upholding the freedom of the individual and supporting modern, convenient communication media.