Electromobility driven by Infineon: Energy management in electric cars
Electromobility driven by Infineon: Energy management in electric cars

Innovative semiconductor solutions for sustainable mobility

People strive for mobility. However, climate change and dwindling fossil resources demand new transportation concepts. In particular, the burgeoning megacities need sustainable technologies for individual mobility.

Railway electrification is already underway. And the proportion of electronic components in the automobile is increasing in magnitude and importance. Sensors, microcontrollers and power semiconductors are used in the automotive body and convenience systems, safety and drive systems and raise the energy efficiency. Even as we speak, Infineon’s innovative semiconductor solutions are instrumental in significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, enhancing automotive safety and in making cars affordable for all, including emerging nations.

The future will see electric cars conquering the road, powered by eco-friendly energy from sun, wind and water. Thanks to power electronics from Infineon, not only will high-speed trains become sustainable means of transportation but e-cars will become efficient, nippy runabouts. The chips deliver high performance at the touch of a button, performing battery management, brake energy regeneration and extending the travel range of electric cars.

Efficiently networked: Sustainable transportation concepts for megacities

The large cities of the future will be highly charged environments. E-cars, e-bicycles and e-scooters call for the development of smart grids. Infineon’s chip technology manages the energy systems of tomorrow’s world and guarantees efficient and safe mobility in the metropolises. Besides this, it makes e-ticket systems incredibly easy and enables secure e-payment systems.

The mobility of the future is based on innovative semiconductor technology: for climate-friendly use from the energy source to the consumer – efficient well-to-wheel.