PowerDesk – SPICE Simulator for PoL Converter

Thank you for using PowerDesk, the online design and simulation tool for Infineon integrated POL switching converters delivering benchmark efficiency.

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Highlights of the new tools

  • fast online SPICE engine based on Infineon Designer powered by TINACloud from DesignSoft
  • easy to use design tool supporting a wealth input/output specifications including PMBus configuration file support
  • fast AC analysis stability simulation based on averaged models combined with very accurate transient simulation for ripple and load step analysis
  • re-use of circuit templates and SPICE models in other engines (coming soon)

How to start

  1. myInfineon login: check if you already have an myInfineon account
  2. if not register here
  3. wait for our registration email and confirm by clicking on the link
  4. finalize registration and start the new PowerDesk