New: Infineon meets Clem (Element14)

Current information (February 24, 2020)  about the participation at the embedded world 2020

Dear community,

Given the current situation of the further spread of the corona virus and due to preventive protective measures for our guests at the embedded world in Nuremberg, our company has decided to not attend this year’s tradeshow.

In the past few days, the vast majority of our customers and business partners have withdrawn from the trade fair. This is why we have decided to step back as well. Precisely, there will be no Infineon booth on site.

Thank you for your understanding!

Your Infineon Team


Discover also Infineon designed demos with various topics and cool designs:

  • Radar helps leveraging the potential of internet of things, industry 4.0 and autonomous driving. But that’s not all. This sensor is the perfect match for your creative mind as its flexibility empowers you to push boundaries.
  • Just start building your ideas. Radar’s got you covered. It senses even the tiniest movements. Therefore, the use cases are endless, the only limit is your imagination!
  • Vintage Arcade game – One joystick and 2 buttons allow visitors to play different games
  • Maker Demo showing the TLE493D in a Joystick-Application and some TLE4964 as buttons to control a Arcade-(Gaming-) console built with a Raspberry Pi
  1. Power up IoT Cube
  • Connectivity through cellular connection
  • global working (e)SIM inside
  1. Scan QR code displayed on cube
  • Web url to actual cube
  1. See data coming on webpage
  • AURIXTM based Flight Controller mounted on Flightframe
  • Ready to fly
  • The autonomous robot is able to detect and avoid obstacles using automotive sensors

Makers Highlights

Stay tuned for more! 


Element14 + Infineon

Clem has a message for you (I)

Impression from last year - Infineon @ embedded world 2019


Meet Infineon at embedded world 2019

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