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Vintage gaming experience with XENSIVTM sensors.
Fancy helping a little Italian childhood friend save a princess? You can with this game control made from a Raspberry PI 4 and Infineon's XENSIV Shield2Go sensor evaluation environment. A laser cut housing emphasizes the vintage look. And with an Infineon audio amplifier, you can even recreate sounds from the 90's.


Here you will find everything you need to know about radar sensors and applications. Learn what is possible with radar, the theoretical background behind radar applications and how they can be implemented.

This is made easy by the radar development kits provided by Infineon, such as the Sense2GoL. With these development kits you can interactively learn radar and quickly build your first applications!


On the element14 Community members can connect with thousands of engineers and makers from all over the world, learn about the latest products and technologies, get support in creating projects from suppliers and other members and be inspired to play a role in building our connected planet. Join the makers and engineers of element14 presents as they tackle fun and interesting projects each week using circuitry design, 3d printing, microcontrollers, modeling and much more!

Everybody likes a new toy, for Clem that means new microcontrollers and sensors! Infineon has a new range of powerful Arduino compatible 32-bit ARM cortex boards and motor driver shields, as well as, sensors! Therefore, Clem, from the element14 team ventures out to explore them and build a compact demo unit that demonstrates the use of edge devices with 3D magnetic Sensors. It could save a lot of energy in tomorrow's smart cities of the world!


Makers Corner

If you can imagine it you can build it

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