Tradeshows: Embedded World 2021

This design integrates Infineon's XMC™ microcontroller XMC4700, the NovalithIC™ IFX007T half bridge, two DPS368 barometric pressure sensors and a full SMPS solution into a system demonstrator for an open-source ventilator. A BLDC motor driven by three NovalithIC™ IFX007T half bridges moves a belt and squeezes a bag valve mask. This pushes air through a pipe where two DPS368 barometric pressure sensors measure the dynamic pressure of the air. This parameter is used in a closed control loop implemented using Infineon's XMC-for-Arduino integration and the XMC4700 MCUs that adjust motor speed and torque for a regulated airflow.

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The problem in today's world is "Farmers" count is decrementing day by day. To overcome that our "Element14 Design Challenge" winner Ashok R. build this smart farming hoe. 15 years back he had the idea of adding LED lights into the hoe to help the farmers during night time. And today he has but this smart hoe to control the water flow and lights. This demo is about the smart hoe which was build from by the design challenge winner.

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The robotic arm moves through a set of welding points on a car when an unexpected situation might occur and cause a shutdown; the state of the arm is tracked in F-RAM memory. When recovering from a power-drop, the system has all necessary information about the state where power got lost, it can then directly resume operation from there.

Fancy helping a little Italian friend from your childhood save a princess? You can with this game control made from a Raspberry PI 4 and Infineon's XENSIV™ Shield2Go sensor evaluation environment. A laser-cut housing emphasizes the vintage look and you can even recreate sounds from the 90s with an Infineon audio amplifier.

You need safe, secure and reliable Flash storage; but also, one that is easy and fast to integrate with your latest application. Infineon provides not just the industry-leading SEMPER™ portfolio that pioneered functional safety and security in NOR Flash, but also the fastest way to integrate it in your system using the SEMPER™-SDK.