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Self-configurable 2 kW DC-DC boost circuit with IPD60R360P7 and IDM10G120C5 (start up)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_boost_300VDC_400VDC_2kW_IPD60R360P7_startup_en.tsc

{ Double click to set parameters }

{ Input voltage [V] }
Vin := 300;
{ Output voltage [V] }
Vout := 400;
{ Output current [A] }
Iout := 5;
{ Startup time [s] }
Tstartup := 2m;
{ Startup resistance [Ohm] }
Rstartup := 10;
{ Inductance L [H] }
Lin := 300u;
{ Capacitance C [F] }
Cout := 250u;
{ Gate resistance Rg [Ohm] }
R_g := 3;
{ Switching freq [Hz] }
fs := 100k;

Boost with CoolMOS™ P7 MOSFET
& CoolSiC™ Diode

Boost your DC low voltage (e.g. 300 VDC) up to 400 V with Infineon's 600 V
CoolMOS™ P7 MOSFET and CoolSiC™ diode for 2 kW applications!
Keep your circuit cool with high switching frequency and high efficiency.

Output voltage V_out: higher than input voltage
Power rating P_out: example circuit with default setting - 2 kW

Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM):
Output voltage V_out= V_in/(1 - D); Duty cycle D= T_on/T
MOSFET on time: T_on, switching period: T

Other Remarks:
design for CCM to minimize the inductor peak current I_L
design for DCM to minimize the inductor value L

Example Boost Converter:
set your CCM converter spec in the Interpreter window on the left,
click on Run to calculate the components and simulate it!
click MOSFET symbol, choose other MOSFETs, simulate and compare.


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