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600 V Half Bridge Gate Driver IC IR2114SS with DESAT and soft over-current shutdown controlling TRENCHSTOP™5 IGBT IGW50N65F5

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_600VDC_half_bridge_gate_driver_IR2114SS.TSC

600 V Half Bridge Gate Driver IC IR2114SS with DESAT and soft over-current

The IR2114SS gate driver family is suited to drive a single half bridge in power switching applications.
These drivers provide high gate driving capability (2 A source, 3 A sink) and require low quiescent
current, which allows the use of bootstrap power supply techniques in medium power systems.
These drivers feature full short circuit protection by means of power transistor desaturation detection
and manage all half-bridge faults by smoothly turning off the desaturated transistor through the
dedicated soft shutdown pin, therefore preventing over-voltages and reducing electromagnetic
emissions. In multi-phase systems, the IR2114/IR2214 drivers communicate using a dedicated local
network (SY_FLT and FAULT/SD signals) to properly manage phase-to-phase short circuits.
The system controller may force shutdown or read device fault state through the 3.3 V compatible
CMOS I/O pin (FAULT/SD). To improve the signal immunity from DC-bus noise, the control and power
ground use dedicated pins enabling low-side emitter current sensing as well. Under voltage conditions
in floating and low voltage circuits are managed independently.

Model performance :
- Static Electrical Characteristics and Dynamic Electrical Characteristics
are modeled with the typical values from the datasheet.
- Temperature effects are not modeled

The following features have been modeled :
- Switching Characteristics such as propagation delay, peak currents
- Under-voltage lockout

Product Info: IR2114SS
Product Info: IGW50N65F5
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