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High voltage buck converter with high-side gate driver IRS25752L and CoolMOS™ IPD65R1K4C6

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Buck converter with IRS25752L high-side gate driver

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{Supply voltage [V]}
VS:= 500 {use 0 ... 600}
VCC:= 15 {use 10 ... 20}

{Output voltage [V]}

{switching frequency [Hz] }
fs:= 80000 {use 100 ... 30000}

{Ambiente temperature [Celsius] }
Tamb:=25 {use 0 ... 100}

{===DO NOT CHANGE BELOW========}

T_On:= T*Duty {on time}
T_Off:=T-T_On {off time}


The IRS25752 is a high-side, single-channel gate driver IC with 600V blocking
and levelshifting capability. This allows for the gate driver to be connected
directly to the gate of a high-side power MOSFET, while being controlled by the
low-side, ground potential circuitry. The IRS25752 includes a wide VCC supply
range, UVLO protection, and excellent immunity to harsh dv/dt or –VS switching
environments. IR’s HVIC technology allows for these functions and features to be
realized in a 6-pin SOT-23 package.

The 600V CoolMOS™ C6 offers a series extremely low conduction and switching
losses and can make switching applications more efficient, more compact, lighter
and cooler.

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to check the performance of the simple DC motor drive example circuit.

Product info: IPD65R1K4C6

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Product info: IRS25752L
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