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400 V Half Bridge Converter using Two Single Channel, 4A Galvanic Isolated Gate Driver ICs EiceDRIVER™ 1EDI20I12MF and CoolMOS™ C7 superjunction MOSFET IPA65R095C7

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_400VDC_SMPS_Half-Bridge_1EDI20I12MF_galvanic_isolation.TSC

400 V Half Bridge Converter Two Single Channel Galvanic Isolated Gate Driver IC

Typical application circuit

The 1EDI20I12MF are galvanically isolated single channel IGBT driver in a PGDSO-8-51 package that provide
minimum peak output currents up to 3 A and an integrated active Miller Clamp circuit with the same current
rating to protect against parasitic turn on. The input logic pins operate on a wide input voltage range from 3 V
to 15 V using CMOS threshold levels to support even 3.3 V microcontroller. Data transfer across the isolation
barrier is realized by the Coreless Transformer Technology. Every driver family member comes with logic input
and driver output under voltage lockout (UVLO) and active shutdown.

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Product Info: 1EDI20I12MF
Product Info: IPA65R095C7