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25 V Dual Low Side Gate Driver IC IR25600S

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_25VDC_low_side_gate_driver_IR25600S.TSC

25 V Dual Low Side Gate Driver IC IR25600S

The IR25600S is a low voltage, high speed power MOSFET and IGBT driver. Proprietary
latch immune CMOS technologies enable ruggedized monolithic construction. Logic inputs
are compatible with standard CMOS or LSTTL outputs. The output drivers feature a high
pulse current buffer stage designed for minimum driver cross-conduction. Propagation
delays between two channels are matched.

Model performance :
- Static Electrical Characteristics and Dynamic Electrical Characteristics
are modeled with the typical values from the datasheet.
- Temperature effects are not modeled

The following features have been modeled :
- Switching Characteristics such as propagation delay, peak currents
- Under voltage lockout

Product Info: IGW50N65F5
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Product Info: IR25600S