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Industrial smart high side switch ITS42k5D-LD-F test-bench: short circuit protection

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_24V_high_side_ITS42k5D-LD-F_short_circuit_protection.tsc

24V Dual Channel High-Side Switch ITS42k5D-LD-F
Protection Features: Short circuit and overload protection
with Current Limit

Thermal model description:
Thermal Model = 1: 1S0P PCB 600mm2
Thermal Model = 2: 2S2P PCB with via
Thermal Model = 3: 1S0P PCB with via
Thermal Model = 4: 1S0P PCB 600mm2
Thermal Model = 5: 1S0P PCB with footprint

The ITS42k5D-LD-F is a 2.5Ω dual channel high-side power switch and
optimized for driving all types of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads.

This circuit demonstrates the short circuit with current limitation features of the
ITS42k5D-LD-F. Many other switches provide similar protection features.

Once short circuit condition occurs, the load current increases dramatically and
the instantaneous power in the switch is maintained at a safe value by limiting
the current to the maximum current allowed in the switch (IOUTL1, 2) of about

{1. click here to set circuit parameters}
{2. click on "Run" to calculate components}
{3. click on "OK" and Simulate Transient }

{Supply voltage [V]}
Vs:= 24 {use 4.5 ... 42}

{Short circuit on/off trigger time [s] for channel 1 }
tSC1_on:= 2m
tSC1_off:= 6m

{Short circuit on/off trigger time [s] for channel 2 }
tSC2_on:= 4m
tSC2_off:= 8m

{Thermal model number: }
THERMALMODEL:= 1 {use 1 ... 5}

Product info: ITS42K5D-LD-F
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