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5V , 5 µA dual channel Photovoltaic MOSFET driver PVI5033R test bench: Output Characteristics

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: photovoltaic_isolator_PVI5033R_output_characteristic.TSC

PVI5033R Output Characteristics

The PVI Series Photovoltaic Isolator generates an electrically isolated DC
voltage upon receipt of a DC input signal. It is capable of directly driving
gates of power MOSFETs or IGBTs. It utilizes a monolithic integrated
circuit photovoltaic generator of novel construction as its output. The
output is controlled by radiation from a GaAlAs light emitting diode (LED),
which is optically isolated from the photovoltaic generator.

The PVI5033R is ideally suited for applications requiring high-current
and/or high voltage switching with optical isolation between the low-level
driving circuitry and high-energy or high- voltage load circuits. It can be
used for directly driving gates of power MOSFETs. The dual- channel
configuration allows its outputs to drive independent discrete power
MOSFETs, or be connected in parallel or in series to provide higher-current
drive for power MOSFETs or higher-voltage drive for IGBTs. PVI5033R
employs a fast turn-off circuitry

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