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100W 4Ohms x 2 Channel Class D Audio Power Amplifier based on self-oscillating half-bridge topology featuring IR4302M PowIRaudio™ integrated Class D Audio IC

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: audio_IR4302M_IRAUDAMP17_class_D_audio_amplifier_V1.TSC

2 Channel Integrated IR4302M Class D Audio Amplifier

The IR4302M integrates 2 channel PWM controller and digital audio MOSFETs forming a high
performance Class D audio amplifier. As a result of fully optimized MOSFETs co-packed with
a dedicated controller IC, the IR4302M operates without mechanical heatsink attached in a
typical music playback usage. High voltage ratings and noise immunity in the controller IC
ensures reliable operation over various environmental conditions. A small 7x7 mm PQFN
package enhances the benefit of smaller size of Class D topology. The IR4302M series is a
lead-free, ROHS compliant.

ON: Ivaa test

CP5: 22u -> 220n

C16: 22u -> 100n





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