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24V dual channel smart high side switch BTF6070-2EKV test-bench logic ground disconnection protection

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_bp_protection_24V_BTF6070-2EKV_secure_logicGND_disconnection.tsc

24V Dual Channel Smart High-Side BTF6070-2EKV
Protection Features: Secure load turn-off during logic
ground disconnection

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{Supply voltage [V]}
VS:=24 {use 5 ... 42}

{Short circuit on/off trigger time [s] }
tSC_on:= 20u
tSC_off:= 620u

{Thermal model number: }
ThermalModel:=1 {use 1 .... 4}

{Thermal model description: }
{Thermal Model = 1: 2S2P PCB }
{Thermal Model = 2: 1S0P PCB 300mm2 }
{Thermal Model = 3: 1S0P PCB 600mm2 }
{Thermal Model = 4: 1S0P PCB footprint }

The BTF6070-2EKV is a 60 mΩ dual channel Smart High-Side Power Switch
It is specially designed to drive Valve Applications in the harsh automotive
environment.The µC compatible power switch can serve a wide application
portfolio starting from 12V, 24V and up to 42V DC.

In case of loss of the module ground and the load remains connected to ground,
the device protects itself by automatically turning OFF (when it was previously
ON) or remains OFF, regardless of the voltage applied on IN pins.

In case of loss of device ground, it’s recommended to use input resistors between
the microcontroller and the BTF6070-2EKV to ensure switching OFF of channels.

ZGND is recommended to be a resistor in series to a diode.

Product info: BTF6070-2EKV
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