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24V smart High Side Switch shield with PROFET™ BTT6030-2ERA and BTT6020-1ERA for Arduino

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_bp_arduino_24V_BTT6030_and_BTT6020.tsc

24V Protected Switch Shield with BTT6030-2ERA and BTT6020-1ERA for Arduino


The 24V Protected Switch Shield with BTT6030-2ERA and BTT6020-1ERA is a power switch evaluation board
compatible with Arduino microcontroller boards and with Infineon’s XMC™ microcontroller kits using the Arduino
form factor. The shield is equipped with three PROtected high-side power MOSFETs out of the PROFET™+ 24V
family (2x BTT6030-2ERA , 1x BTT6020-1ERA ) offering five 24 V channels in total. Infineon’s PROFET™+ 24V
protected high-side switches (BTT6xxx) drive resistive, capacitive as well as inductive loads (e.g. truck bulbs,
car bulbs, valves, motors, relays, capacitors, LEDs…). The power switches are controlled via the INx (input) pins.
The PROFET™+ 24V devices also provide a sense current at the IS pin, which can be enabled via the
DEN (Diagnosis ENable) pin. For the two channel devices the sensed channel is selected via the
DSEL (Diagnosis SELect) pin. For each device the sense signal (IS) is connected to an own ADC channel of
the microcontroller.

How to program the microcontroller:
1. Build project in DAVE
2. Pack together the .hex and .elf files into a .zip
(usually found in the Debug folder)
3. Click on the microcontroller symbol
4. Click on the "MCU-code" details
5. Select "Upload"
6. Select the .zip file created earlier
7. Click "Upload"
8. Click "OK"

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Product info: XMC1100-T038X0064 AB
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