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24 V Automotive Smart Low-Side Power Switch HITFET™ BTT3050EJ: PWM Application Circuit

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24 V Automotive Smart Low-Side Power Switch HITFET™ BTT3050EJ

Application circuit: PWM Input Signal

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The BTT3050EJ is a 50 mΩ single channel smart low-side power switch within a PG-TDSO-8 package
providing embedded protective functions. The power transistor is built by a N-channel vertical power MOSFET.
The BTT3050EJ is monolithically integrated. The BTT3050EJ is automotive qualified and is optimized for 24 V
automotive applications.

The model of the bulb has the thermal behavior of the intrinsic resistance inside and comply with the
actual bulb cold/hot resistance of a real bulb. When the bulb is cold, the inrush current is quite big
(hence the Over Current trigger and current limitation protection) and when it heats up, the resistance
increases so the current decreases to nominal value.

The self-heating of the device has been deactivated (THERMAL_MODEL=0) so that the behavior of the
bulb can be observed.

{=== How to select a Load ===}

LOAD_TYPE:= 1 {Lamp 5W }
LOAD_TYPE:= 2 {Lamp 10W}
LOAD_TYPE:= 4 {Lamp 21W}
LOAD_TYPE:= 8 {Lamp 27W}
LOAD_TYPE= 16 {Resistive Load}
LOAD_TYPE:= 32 {Inductive Load}

Product info: BTT3050EJ

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