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24V high side over-current and over-temperature protection with PROFET™ BTS452R

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_bp_24V_high_side_BTS452R_protection_OT_OC.tsc

24V High Side Power Switch PROFET™ BTS452R
Protection Features: Current Limitation, Thermal Shutdown
with Restart

{1. click here to set circuit parameters}
{2. click on "Run" to calculate components}
{3. click on "OK" and Simulate Transient }

{Supply voltage [V]}
Vbb:= 24 {use 12 ... 52}

{Thermal model number: }
ThermalModel:= 1 {use 1 ... 5}

{Do NOT change values below.}
{Calculate load resistance for current limitation}
Rload:= Vbb/15

The 24V high side power switch BTRS45R is a member of the outstanding
PROFET™ family (PROtected FET) and optimized for driving all types of
resistive, inductive and capacitive loads.The µC compatible power switch
can serve a wide application portfolio starting from 12V, 24V and up to 52V DC.

This circuit demonstrates the current limitation and thermal shutdown with restart
protection features of the BTS452R. Many other PROFET™ devices provide
similar protection features.

The load current is limited to the peak short circuit current IL_SCp. The junction
temperature is rising dramatically while current limitation protection. Once the thermal
shutdown protection is triggered, the device shuts down autonomously with restart.
It shuts down and restarts continuously if the temperature is higher than the trigger
value. Meanwhile, a fault signal is triggered at Pin ST.

Thermal model description:
Thermal Model = 1: 1S0P PCB 600mm2
Thermal Model = 2: 1S0P PCB minimum footprint
Thermal Model = 3: 2S2P PCB no via
Thermal Model = 4: 2S2P PCB with via
Thermal Model = 5: no thermal consideration

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