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13.5V high side short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown with restart using PROFET™ BTS4140N

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_bp_13.5V_high_side_BTS4140N_protection_SC_TR.tsc

PROFET™ Automotive Smart High-Side Switch BTS4140N:
Protection Features - Short Circuit Protection and Thermal
Shutdown With Restart

Thermal model discription:
Thermal Model = 1: 1S0P PCB 600mm2
Thermal Model = 2: 1S0P PCB 300mm2
Thermal Model = 3: 1S0P PCB minimum footprint
Thermal Model = 4: 2S2P PCB
Thermal Model = 5: no thermal consideration

The BTS4140N is an Automotive qualified single channel Smart High-Side Power Switch
with 1 Ω on state resistance. It is equiped with diverse protection features. Infineon’s
PROFET™ protected high-side switches drive resistive, capacitive as well as inductive loads .

This circuit demonstrates the thermal shutdown with restart and the current limitation protection
features of the BTS4140N. Many other PROFET™ devices provide similar protection features.

Once short circuit condition occurs, the load current increases dramatically and is
soon limited to the peak short circuit current IL(SCp).

Considering thermal behavior (choose thermal model 1 ... 4), the junction temperature is also
rising quickly. Once the thermal shutdown protection is triggered, the device shuts down
autonomously with restart. It shuts down and restarts continuously if the temperature is higher
than the trigger value.

The Vds of the internal MOSFET will be clamped by the internal clamping diode, see
VON(CL). Details can be found in the block diagram on the datasheet.

{1. click here to set circuit parameters}
{2. click on "Run" to calculate components}
{3. click on "OK" and Simulate Transient }

{Supply voltage [V]}
Vbb:= 13.5 {use 12 ... 60}

{Short circuit trigger time tSC_on/off [s] }
tSC_on:= 10m {use 2m ... 25m}
tSC_off:= 25m {use tSC_on+5m ... 30m}

{Thermal model number: }
ThermalModel:= 2 {use 1 ... 5}
{1 ... 4 with thermal simulation}
{5 no thermal consideration, only check current limitation}

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