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Automotive 12V Smart High-Side Power Switch Power PROFET™ BTS50025-1TAD supporting high Inrush Currents

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_bp_12V_high_side_switch_BTS50025-1TAD_high_inrush_current.tsc

Single Channel Smart High-Side Power Switch BTS50025-1TAD

"Analysis->Transient: Start - End Display"
- Double click on the green window to enter design criteria
- Click on "Run" and Simulate Transient

Change the DC duration by modifying the simulation time:

Thermal Model description:
THERMAL_MODEL=1: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p 300mm2
THERMAL_MODEL=2: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p 600mm2
THERMAL_MODEL=3: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p footprint
THERMAL_MODEL=4: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 2s2p
where: P=power injected in chip; T=ambient temperature

The BTS50025-1TAD is a 2.5mΩ single channel Smart High-Side Power Switch,
embedded in a PG-TO-263-7-10 package, providing protective functions and
diagnosis. It contains Infineon® ReverSave™ functionality. The power transistor
is built by a N-channel power MOSFET with charge pump. It is specially designed
to drive high current loads up to 60 A, for applications like switched battery
couplings, power distribution switches, heaters, glow plugs, in the harsh automotive

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