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12V Automotive Lite System Basis Chip (SBC) TLE9471ES DC-DC Buck Stability Analysis: Ideal PCB Board Layout

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_bp_12V_LiteSBC_TLE9471ES_AC_bode_stability_ideal.TSC

12V Automotive Lite System Basis Chip (SBC) TLE9471ES DC-DC Buck Stability Analysis

Test Circuit: Ideal PCB Board Layout

3D Bottom View of DC-DC SBC TLE9471 Board

3D Top View of DC-DC SBC TLE9471 Board

The Buck Inductor is represented as series resistance measured at DC "Inductance_DCR" and
inductance "Inductance". DC-DC main capacitor (Output Capacitor) is represented by capacitance
"Cout" and series resistance "Cout_ESR". Load is represented as pure resistive "Load_Resistance".
For a complex model (including trace parasitics please use the "Tina Complex Model for AC DC-DC TLE9471")
Click to select with complex model test bench for this AC Bode Plot characterization:

The TLE9471ES is a monolithically integrated circuit in an exposed pad PG-TSDSO-24-1 (150 mil)
power package. The device is designed for various CAN automotive applications as main supply for

the microcontroller and as interface for a CAN bus network. To support these applications,
the System Basis Chip (SBC) provides the main functions, such as a 5 V lowdropout voltage
regulator (Buck SMPS) for e.g. a microcontroller supply, another 5 V low-dropout voltage regulator
with off-board protection for e.g. sensor supply, a HS-CAN transceiver supporting CAN FD for data
transmission, a high-voltage GPIO with embedded protective functions and a 16-bit Serial Peripheral
Interface (SPI) to control and monitor the device. Also implemented are a configurable timeout / window
watchdog circuit with a reset feature, one Fail Output and an undervoltage reset feature. The device
offers low-power modes in order to minimize current consumption on applications that are connected
permanently to the battery. A wake-up from the low-power mode is possible via a message on the buses,
via the bi-level sensitive monitoring/wake-up input as well as via cyclic wake.

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