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24V Low Dropout Adjustable Standby Voltage Regulator for Truck Applications TLT807B0EPV Application Circuit

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_LDO_TLT807B0EPV_application_circuit_V1.TSC

24V Low dropout adjustable standby voltage regulator for truck
applications TLT807B0EPV
Application Circuit

Model performance :
- dynamic behavior not modeled (CQ/ESR stability, line/load transient response,
start-up, PSRR)
- static behavior is modelled by approximation to the real behavior of the device
over temperature
- the thermal simulations represent an approximation of the actual thermal
behavior of the device according to the JEDEC standards at Power = 1.5 Watts
and Temperature=85 °C

Thermal model description:
THERMAL_MODEL = 1: JEDEC 1s0p, 600mm2 cooling area
THERMAL_MODEL = 2: JEDEC 1s0p, 300mm2 cooling area
THERMAL_MODEL = 3: JEDEC 1s0p, footprint
THERMAL_MODEL = 10: No self heating, only TEMP value used as temperature

The TLT807B0EPV is a monolithic integrated low dropout adjustable voltage regulator
in a small surface mounted package for the harsh environment of automotive applications.
Adjustable output voltage at ±2% accuracy for output current up to 70 mA.
The output voltage is adjustable between 1.2 V up to 20 V.

The device has internal protection features such as output current limitation and
overtemperature shutdown. These protect the device from immediate damage caused by
failures such as output shorted to GND, overcurrent or overtemperature conditions.

The resistor divider for a specific output voltage can
be calculated as follows:
R1 = ((VQ/Vadj) - 1)*R2
Vadj = Vref = 1.2V and R1 + R2 <= 250 kΩ

For VQ_max = 20V, R1_max = 15.67 *R2_max
and R2 <= 250kΩ - R1
therefore R2_VQmax = 15 kΩ
and R1_VQmax = 235 kΩ

Technical Assistance

Product info: TLT807B0EPV
Evaluation Board: TLT807B0EPV BOARD
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