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Automotive Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator OPTIREG™ TLE4295G V33 application circuit for 3.3V output voltage

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_LDO_TLE4295GV33_application_circuit.tsc

Automotive Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator TLE4295G V33
Application Circuit

Model performance :
- dynamic behavior not modeled (CQ/ESR stability, line/load transient
response, start-up, PSRR)
- static behavior is modelled by approximation to the real behavior of
the device at temperature = 25°C

It is designed to supply e.g. microprocessor systems under the severe
conditions of automotive applications. Therefore the device is equipped
with additional protection functions against overload, short circuit
and reverse polarity. At over temperature the regulator is automatically
turned off by the integrated thermal protection circuit.

Product info: TLE4295G V33
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