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12V Automotive LED synchronous H-Bridge topology with LITIX™ controller TLD5190QU (Soft Start)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_12v_LED_lighting_full-bridge_controller_TLD5190QU_V3.tsc

12V Automotive LED synchronous H-Bridge topology with LITIX™ controller TLD5190QU (Soft Start)

- Regulation Loops
- Digital and Analog PWM
- Soft Start Behavior

NOT implemented :
- Current consumption of IC
- Thermal Network
- Fault Handling
- Fault Reporting
- External Clock Sync
- Limp Home
- Spread Spectrum
- LDO Output

The TLD5190QU is a synchronous MOSFET H-Bridge
DC/DC controller with built in protection features. This
concept of a synchronous and seamless buck-boost
regulation provides a very efficient solution for circuits
where the output (load) voltage is on the same level as
the input voltage, e.g. in short chains with 2 to 3 high
power LEDs or laser diodes connected to a 12 V
electrical system.

When the load changes (e.g. the number of LEDs is
suddenly decreased), the voltage at the output capacitor
creates a current spike which can damage the LEDs.
The setup is showing a soft switching technique which
prevents the appearance of the current spike by controlled
discharge of the output voltage to a value closer to the
equivalent voltage drop of the new number of LEDs.
A short circuit event is applied at 1.5ms causing the output
voltage to decrease and based on the turn-on timing of the
PMOS, 2 out of 5 LEDs are shorted.

For you individual test case, please modify the frequency
parameter in the green configuration box on the left side.

This model has limitations. It does
not include the driver output stage.
That is why we need to use ideal
switches (no bootstrap simulation

The PSpice model does not show all
features of the real device to keep the
simulation time in a reasonable range.

- Change simulation time:
"Analysis->Transient: Start - End Display"
- Double click on the green window to enter design criteria
- Click on "Run" and Simulate Transient

Evaluation Board: TLD5190 VOLT DEMO
Evaluation Board: TLD5190QV DEMO V2
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