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12V Automotive uni-directional DC Motor Half Bridge Driver IC using NovalithiIC™ Lite BTN3070-1EPA

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_12V_motor_brushed_half-bridge_BTN7030_1EPA.tsc

12 V Automotive uni-directional DC Motor Half Bridge Driver IC
NovalithiIC™ Lite BTN3070-1EPA

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"Analysis->Transient: Start - End Display"

The NovalithiICTM Lite BTN7030-1EPA is a protected half-bridge with integrated driver, providing protection
and diagnosis functions. The device is integrated in SMART7 technology. It is the ideal device for many
applications in the automotive body domain, like Door Lock, Transfer Case or Cinching Latch. Thanks to
the half bridge partitioning it is also the perfect device whenever an individual half bridge is needed.

Thermal Model Description:
THERMAL_MODEL=1: PCB type: 2s2p
THERMAL_MODEL=2: PCB type: 600mm2
THERMAL_MODEL=3: PCB type: footprint

Evaluation Board: DC-SHIELD_BTN7030
Product info: BTN7030-1EPA
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