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XMC1200 Controlling RGB LED Brightness​ with BCCU

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: mcu_XMC1200_RGB_LED_BCCU_brightness.TSC

Controlling RGB LED Brightness with BCCU

How to program the microcontroller:
1. Build project in DAVE
2. Export project into a .zip
3. Click on the microcontroller symbol
4. Click on the "MCU-code" details, then select "Upload"
5. Drag and drop the .zip file created earlier
6. Click "Upload", then click "OK"
7. (optional) Launch debugger by clicking on the "TR" button on the top right

This example demonstrates how easily the brightness of the light emitted by
an RGB LED (3-channel LED) can be controlled by the BCCU in XMC1200,
based on the DAVE project "RGB_LED_Example_Brightness_Control".

The following code lines have been changed to speed up the dimming:
(line 179) XMC_BCCU_DIM_SetDimDivider(BCCU0_DE0, 0x1);

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Development platform: DAVE™
DAVE code: RGB LED Example
Application Note: Brightness and Color Control Unit (BCCU)
Reference manual: XMC1200 AB-Step
Product info: XMC1200-T038F0200 AB

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