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12V to 24V BOOST-Converter with XMC 2Go and AUIRF4104S

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_XMC1100_12V_boost.tsc

BOOST-Converter 12V to 24V with XMC 2Go and AUIRF4104S

How to program the microcontroller:
1. Build project in DAVE
2. Pack together the project folder into a .zip
(usually found in the workspace folder)
3. Click on the microcontroller symbol
4. Click on the "MCU-code" details
5. Select "Upload"
6. Select the .zip file created earlier
7. Click "Upload"
8. Click "OK"

This circuit boosts a voltage from 12V up to 24V with an output-power of 12W. The output
voltage is measured by the ADC of the XMC1100 and depends on the duty cycle of the
The PWM-Signal is generated by the microcontroller. The frequency of the PWM-Signal is
32kHz and the duty cycle is controlled by a PI-controller.

Product info: IR2301
Product info: XMC 2 Go
Technical Assistance
Product info: MBR 745
Development platform: DAVE™
Family: 32-bit XMC1000 Industrial Microcontroller ARM® Cortex®-M0
Reference manual: XMC1100 AB-Step
Product info: XMC1100-Q024F0008 AB
Product info: AUIRF4104S
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