0.5-5V 9A Single Output 300-1500KHz Int. LDO Integrated PoL Solution IR3899 (Transient Analysis)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: IR3899_analog_12Vin_0.5-5Vo_300-1500KHz_9A_singleOut_intLDO_integrated_POL_TR_V1.TSC

IR3899 Synchronous Buck Regulator
12V Single Supply

The IR3899 SupIRBuck® is an easy‐to‐use, fully integrated and highly efficient DC/DC
regulator. The onboard PWM controller and MOSFETs make IR3899 a space‐efficient
solution, providing accurate power delivery.

IR3899 is a versatile regulator which offers programmable switching frequency and the
fixed internal current limit while operates in wide input and output voltage range.

The switching frequency is programmable from 300kHz to 1.5MHz for an optimum
solution. It also features important protection functions, such as Pre‐Bias startup,
thermally compensated current limit, over voltage protection and thermal shutdown
to give required system level security in the event of fault conditions.

{ Please double click here to enter design criteria }

{ Input voltage }
V_in := 12;
{ Target output voltage }
V_out := 1.2;
{ Maximum output current }
I_out := 9;
{ Target Switching Frequency }
F_sw := 600k;
{ Number of output capacitors with value C_out }
C_out_Nr := 6;
{ Derated (DC & AC) value for a single output capacitor }
C_out := 22u;
{ Target Vout ripple }
Vout_ripple := 12m;
{ Compensation capacitor. Default is 2.2nF }
C8_Cc := 2.2n;
{ I_ripple vs Iout percentage }
L_ripple_percentage := 35;
{ Load step current }
I_step := 2.7;

Transient Analysis - accurate
Transient Analysis - fast
Technical Assistance
Product info: IR3899M

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