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0.5-5V 3A Single Output 800KHz Int. LDO Integrated PoL Solution IR3883 (Transient Analysis)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: IR3883_analog_12Vin_0.5-5Vo_800KHz_3A_singleOut_intLDO_integrated_POL_TR_V1.tsc

Over Current Protection
0: FLOAT 4.04 A
1: VCC 2.95 A
2: PGND 5.14 A

IR3883 800kHz 3A Integrated POL Voltage Regulator



The IR3883 IR MOSFET™ IPOL is an easy-to-use, fully integrated and highly
efficient monolithic DC/DC regulator. The on-chip PWM controller and MOSFETs
make IR3883 a space-efficient solution, providing accurate power delivery.
The IR3883 employs an Enhanced Stability engine that makes it stable with
ceramic capacitors without compensation.

The IR3883 offers two different operation modes:
Forced Continuous Conduction Mode (FCCM) and Diode Emulation Mode (DEM).
With FCCM, the device always operates as a synchronous buck converter with a
pseudoconstant switching frequency of 800 kHz and small output voltage ripples.
In DEM, the synchronous FET is turned off when the inductor current drops to zero,
which provides better efficiency at the light load.

Steady State Analysis
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Product info: IR3883MTRPBF
Evaluation board: IR3883
Transient Analysis
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