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1.2V 6A Single Output 1400-1500KHz Int. LDO Integrated PoL Solution IR38060 (AC Analysis)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: IR38060_digital_12Vin_1.2Vo_1454KHz_6A_singleOut_intLDO_integrated_POL_AC_V2.TSC

IR38060 Synchronous Buck Regulator with PMBus Interface
12V Single supply in Digital Mode

Bode Plot Requirements:
1. Phase Margin (PM) > 50 degrees
2. Crossover Frequency < Switching Frequency / 5 (F_sw/5)
3. Gain Margin (GM) > 10 dB

The registers of the IR38063 are preloaded according to the config text file.
The config text file file was loaded to the Data file property of the IR38063 model.
The values of the registers can be changed or displayed by using the Edit | Edit Properties
(double-click on the component) and click on the Data file property.

The IR38060 PMBus SupIRBuck™ is an easy-to-use, fully integrated and highly efficient
DC/DC regulator with I2C/PMBus interface. The onboard PWM controller and MOSFETs
make IR38060 a space-efficient solution, providing accurate power delivery for low
output voltage and high current applications.

The IR38060 can be comprehensively configured via PMBus and the configuration
stored in internal memory. In addition, PMBus commands allow run-time control, fault
status and telemetry.

The IR38060 can also operate as a standard analog regulator without any programming
and can provide current and temperature telemetry in an analog format.

PowIRCenter Software: generate your config file
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