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48V Buck LED Driver with ILD6070 (Dimmed)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: lighting_led_ILD6070_48V_dcdc_buck_dimmed.tsc

48V Buck LED Driver with ILD6070 (Dimmed)



Buck circuits are ideal for driving high brightness LEDs with high efficiency. The ILD6070 switch mode DC/DC
LED driver is tailored to drive high power LEDs and LED arrays offering flexible dimming options. It is suitable
for LED applications with a wide range of supply voltages from 4.5 V to 60 V. A multifunctional PWM input
signal allows dimming of the LEDs with an analog DC voltage or an external PWM signal.
This example drives two ~11V Lumileds LEDs at around 500mA with 48VDC input, using an ILD6070.

Technical Assistance

Application: DC/DC LED drivers
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LEDs: Lumileds LXRx-Sxxx
Evaluation board: ILD6070
Product info: ILD6070