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48V Buck LED Driver with ILD6070 (Analog Dimmed)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: lighting_led_ILD6070_48V_dcdc_buck_dimmed_2.tsc

48V Buck LED Driver with ILD6070 (Analog dimmed)

Buck circuits are ideal for driving high brightness LEDs with high efficiency. The ILD6070 switch mode DC/DC
LED driver is tailored to drive high power LEDs and LED arrays offering flexible dimming options. It is suitable
for LED applications with a wide range of supply voltages from 4.5 V to 60 V. A multifunctional PWM input
signal allows dimming of the LEDs with an analog DC voltage or an external PWM signal. To minimize color
shifts of the LEDs an analog PWM voltage is converted to an internal 1.6 kHz PWM signal modulating the
LED current.
This example drives two ~11V Lumileds LEDs at around 500mA with 48VDC input, using an ILD6070.



Application: DC/DC LED drivers
Other circuits
LEDs: Lumileds LXRx-Sxxx
Evaluation board: ILD6070
Product info: ILD6070

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