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110VAC 12W SMPS EVAL board with ICE3AR4780CJZ (5V)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_ICE3AR4780CJZ_110VAC_12W_SMPS_5V.tsc

5V 12W SMPS EVAL board with ICE3AR4780CJZ

This circuit is a universal input 12W 5V off-line flyback converter power
supply utilizing IFX F3R80CCM CoolSET™ ICE3AR4780CJZ. The
application demo board is operated in Continuous and Discontinuous
Conduction Mode (CCM & DCM) and is running at 100 kHz switching
frequency. It has a single output voltage with secondary side control
regulation. It is especially suitable for small power supplies such as
DVD players, set-top boxes, game consoles, chargers and auxiliary
power of high power systems, etc.

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Evaluation board: EVAL-3AR4780CJZ
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