Debugger, Tracer and Analyzer iC5700

The BlueBox technology provides a hardware debugging and trace interface allowing debugging, flashing, timing analysis (trace, profiling) and code coverage measurement to be undertaken on single, multi-core and SoC based applications.

Active Probes Infineon AURIX™

Active Probes enable the debugging, tracing, and testing of Infineon’s AURIX™ microcontrollers. They are an add-on to the iC5700 On-Chip Debugger and Analyzer and do provide high bandwidth for debug, trace, and test.
Available Probes:
Infineon DAP/DAPE
Infineon SGBT (HSTCU)
Infineon AGBT

Emulation Adapters Infineon AURIX™

With some of the more advanced 32-bit microcontrollers and SoCs, the full program and data trace capabilities of the device are not made available on production silicon. Instead, semiconductor vendors provide special 'emulation devices'. These typically feature more pins than the production device, thereby providing the interface to the trace interface.

Debugger and Tracer iC5000

Debugging competency iC5000 - This compact tool remains a mainstay of many embedded developers debugging hardware. Its features enable everything from flashing, debugging through to software testing.


Integrated development environment, Debugger, Flasher, and Analyzer

  • Edit, build, and flash Software
  • Display code execution
  • Watch variables in real-time
  • Capture and visualize program and data trace
  • Get an insight into an AUTOSAR application
  • Correlate microcontroller activity with network messages and signals
  • Automate and optimize with scripting

isystem.connect API

When certain tasks need to be automated or just triggered by another third-party software, a GUI can no longer address all the requirements. For these isystem.connect Software Development Kit (SDK) steps in providing a vast set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) supporting a variety of programming languages (Python, Java, C#, MATLAB).