The chronVIEW module of chronSUITE offers a highly scalable solution for the visualization and statistical analysis of large hardware traces. It supports the import of data generated by instrumented code, debuggers, tracing tools, and proprietary solutions. chronVIEW enables integration and test engineers to view and analyze recorded traces from many different perspectives. Automated verification of requirements in combination with interactive diagrams contribute to a better understanding of the overall system behavior and the root causes of real-time errors. Deployed in many successful customer projects, chronVIEW has proven to be a driver for reliable decisions and optimizations based on facts. chronVIEW supports the import and timing analysis of traces generated by the Multi-Core Debug Solution (MCDS) of the AURIX platform.


The chronSIM module of chronSUITE is a tool for the design, simulation, and verification of embedded systems, with an explicit focus on real-time. Processors and communication buses, scheduling and stimuli are described by timing models using either the intuitive GUI or  C/C++ source code. With chronSIM, engineers and system architects can assess the extent to which real-time requirements are met across all phases of the development process.


The chronVAL module of chronSUITE analyzes the real-time capability of safety-critical embedded systems using formal verification methods. Using an integrated model of the software and hardware, chronVAL calculates best and worst-case response times, preemption times, end-to-end latencies, and resource utilizations. Sensitivity analysis detects timing bottlenecks and sporadic violations, reducing the overhead of time-consuming implementations, integrations, and testing. Thus, for engineers and architects, chronVAL is a key solution to assess and optimize the robustness and scalability of their designs.