EB zentur


HSM software stack plus AUTOSAR-compliant crypto interface
Supports SHE+ and up to EVITA full requirements
Compliance with OEM-specific security requirements



  • Fast cryptographic calculations using AURIX HSM symmetric and asymmetric hardware accelerators
                     AES, CMAC, HMAC, ECC, SHA
  • Various algorithms in software
                    SipHash, ECDSA, RSA, etc.
  • HSM software update
  • Life cycle management
  • Certificate management
  • Key management
  • Secure bootloader solutions (secure boot, secure software update, secure diagnosis)

In combination with the AUTOSAR 4.3-compliant EB tresos security modules (SecOC, CSM, CryIf), chosen AUTOSAR 4.4 security modules, and Jaspar security modules, Elektrobit offers end-to-end security for vehicles.

ARGUS intrusion detection and prevention system

Identifies attacks in the in-vehicle network and blocks them in real-time:

  • Uses context-aware heuristic and learning algorithms to enable a near-zero false positive rate
  • Stores malicious messages for further in-depth analysis
  • Works independently and with Argus Lifespan
  • Protection High performance, low-latency, and small footprint
  • Supports different communication protocols, operating systems and deployment options