PXROS-HR: Safety Real-time OS for TriCore / AURIX™

PXROS-HR is an object oriented real-time operating-system (RTOS) with a very modern micro-kernel and outstanding features for deployment on advanced multi-core MCUs. It fully supports the concepts of encapsulation and robustness by using fine granular hardware protection mechanisms (MPU), available in modern micro-controllers like the AURIX.

Summary of PXROS-HR features:

  • MPU protected inter-task communication (Simplified certification due to freedom from interference)
  • No interrupt lock in our OS (the comfort of an OS but still max. performance on Multi-Core)
  • Multi-Core Support (Programming pattern Single-Core = Multi-Core/Many-Core - Data consistency without shared memory)
  • Right Management (Enhanced safety concepts)
  • Static and dynamic re-configuration (FAIL operational) concepts

PXROS-HR is has been certified by TÜV NORD  according to  ISO26262 ASIL-D and   IEC61508  SIL 3

  • PXROS-HR  supports flexible allocation of full MPU protect tasks to  different cores. Inter task communication via a fully MPU protected mailbox concepts is agnostic to the core allocation of the tasks and  ensure full encapsulation
  • PXROS-HR allows dynamic resource management.

For  safety solutions PXROS HR can be integrated with Infineon Autosaur MCAL and the SafeTPack framework from Hitex

ETH communication is supported  by integration of the Sevenstax ETH stack including TCP IP,  TLS,  PTP, MQtt etc..