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The IC is a low power ASK/FSK/GFSK Transceiver for the frequency bands 300-320, 415-495, 863-960 MHz. Bi-phase modulation schemes, like Manchester, bi-phase mark, bi-phase space and differential Manchester as well as NRZ are supported. The chip offers a high level of integration and needs only a few external components, like a crystal, several blocking capacitors and the necessary matching elements. The IF-filter is integrated but depending on the performance requirements an external ceramic IF-filter can be used. For low cost applications an external passive antenna switch configuration can be used. The device is qualified according to automotive quality standards and operates between -40 and +110 °C at supply voltage ranges of 3.0-3.6 Volts or 4.5-5.5 Volts. A fully integrated Sigma-Delta Fractional-N PLL Synthesizer, with high frequency resolution and a crystal oscillator as reference, generates the necessary frequencies for the power amplifier or down conversion mixers.

Summary of Features:

  • Operating temperature range -40 to +110°C
  • Supply voltage range 3.0 to 3.6 V or 4.5 to 5.5 V
  • Brownout detector
  • Integrated 4-wire SPI bus interface
  • 32-bit wide Unique ID on chip
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • ESD protection +/- 2 kV on all pins (HBM)
  • PG-TSSOP-28 package

Target Applications:

  • Remote keyless entry (RKE)
  • Remote start applications
  • Passive Keyless Entry (PKE)
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Home Automation
  • Remote Control
  • Sensor Networks
  • Short range radio data transmission

Parametric TDA5340
Frequency Band   315.0MHz 
Frequency Band   434.0MHz 
Frequency Band   470.0MHz 
Frequency Band   868.0MHz 
Frequency Band   915.0MHz 
Frequency Band   959.0MHz 
Channel Requirements per Band   Multi-Channel
Modulation Type   ASK / FSK / GSFK
Transmit Power (@3V)   14.0dBm 
Temperature  min  max -40.0°C  110.0°C
Frequency Range (@ 25°C)  min  max 300.0MHz  320.0MHz
Frequency Range (@ 25°C)  min  max 415.0MHz  495.0MHz
Frequency Range (@ 25°C)  min  max 863.0MHz  960.0MHz
ASK Receive Sensitivity   -116.0dBm 
FSK Receive Sensitivity   -118.0dBm 
Supply Voltage  min  max 3.0V  3.6V
Supply Voltage  min  max 4.5V  5.5V
Features   Digital baseband processing

Data Sheet

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2.1 MB 13 Jun 2012 01_02

Product Overview

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204 KB 13 May 2013 01_01

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
701 KB 20 Jun 2012 01_01
815 KB 13 Jan 2012 01_00
1.1 MB 30 May 2012 01_00
1 MB 06 Apr 2012 01_00
994 KB 18 Oct 2012 01_00

User Manual

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5.8 MB 17 Feb 2012 01_00

Product Brief

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286 KB 24 Jul 2012 01_02

Additional Product Information

Title Size Date Version
176 KB 01 Aug 2012 01_00

Application Brochure

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6.9 MB 01 Jul 2013

Product Selection Guide

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22.4 MB 29 Mar 2017 01_00

Material Content SheetInfo

Title Size Date Version
24 KB 31 Oct 2013 01_00
Sales Product Name TDA5340
Product Status discontinued
Order online
Package Name PG-TSSOP-28
Completely lead free yes
Halogen free yes
RoHS compliant yes
Packing Size 3000
Packing Type TAPE & REEL
Moisture Level 3

Package Data

Title Size Date Version
582 KB 11 Apr 2016 01_00

PCB Design Data

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163 KB 30 Sep 2013 01_00
164 KB 30 Sep 2013 01_00
28 KB 30 Sep 2013 01_00
161 KB 30 Sep 2013 01_00
257 KB 13 Feb 2015 01_00

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