TLI5012B E1000

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The TLI5012B E1000 is an 360° angle sensor that detects the orientation of a magnetic field, achieved by measuring sine and cosine angle components with monolithic integrated Giant Magneto Resistance (iGMR) elements.
These raw signals (sine and cosine) are digitally processed internally to calculate the angle orientation of the magnetic field (magnet).
Our TLI5012B E1000 is a pre-calibrated sensor, calibration parameters are stored in laser fuses.
At start-up the values of the fuses are written into flip-flops, where these values can be changed by the application-specific parameters.
Further precision of the angle measurement over a wide temperature range and a long lifetime are improved with the internal autocalibration algorithm.
Data communications are accomplished with a bi-directional Synchronous Serial Communication (SSC) that is SPI-compatible.

The sensor configuration is stored in registers, which are accessible by the SSC interface.
Additionally the TLI5012B E1000 has Incremental Interface (IIF).


Summary of Features:

The TLI5012B E1000 has the following features and pre-configuration. The configuration can be changed via SSC

  • Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR)-based principle
  • Integrated magnetic field sensing for angle measurement
  • 360° angle measurement with revolution counter and angle speed measurement
  • Max. 1.9° angle error over lifetime and temperature-range with activated auto-calibration
  • Synchronous Serial Communication (SSC) with 15 bit representation of absolute angle value (0.01° resolution)
  • Incremental Interface (IIF) with 12 bit resolution of angle value on the output (one count per 0.088° angle step)
  • Incremental Interface (IIF) in A/B mode with absolut count enabled (provides absolute value at output)
  • Fast angle update period (42.7μs)
  • Autocalibration mode 1 enabled
  • Prediction disabled
  • Hysteresis set to 0.703°
  • Bus mode operation of multiple sensors on one line is possible with SSC in open-drain configuration
  • Diagnostic functions and status information
  • IFA/IFB/IFC pins set to push-pull output
  • Bi-directional SSC interface. DATA pin set to push-pull output with 8Mbit/s baud rate (2Mbit/s in open-drain)
  • IFA/IFB/IFC pins set to strong driver, DATA pin set to strong driver, fast edge
  • Voltage spike filter on input pads disabled
  • Two separate highly accurate single bit SD-ADC

Target Applications:

The TLI5012B E1000 GMR-based angle sensor is designed for angular position sensing in industrial and consumer applications such as:

  • electrical commutated motor (e.g. BLDC)
  • fans or pumps
  • multi-copters
  • action camera stabilizer
  • 3D printers

Parametric TLI5012B E1000
Applications   Industrial
Package   SMD
Programmable   no
Interfaces   SPI, IIF

Data Sheet

Title Size Date Version
2 MB 22 Sep 2015 01_01

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
2 MB 04 May 2016 01_00

Material Content SheetInfo

Title Size Date Version
27 KB 02 Nov 2015 01_00
Sales Product Name TLI5012B E1000
Product Status active and preferred
Order online Buy online
Package Name PG-DSO-8
Completely lead free yes
Halogen free yes
RoHS compliant yes
Packing Size 2500
Packing Type TAPE & REEL
Moisture Level 3

Simulation Tool

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559 B 06 Apr 2017 01_00

Package Data

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606 KB 11 Apr 2016 01_00

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