REAL3™ Image Sensor Family

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Highly Integrated 3D Time-of-Flight Single-Chip

The Infineon REAL3™ Image Sensor family consists of highly integrated and sophisticated 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) imager. The ToF sensors have been jointly developed by Infineon and pmdtechnologies gmbh. They embed a high performance ToF pixel-matrix from pmd and are manufactured in Infineon’s volume-proven CMOS process which enabled Infineon to integrate the photosensitive area together with mixed signal circuitry into a single chip.

As such the REAL3™ Image Sensor family brings together all ingredients to establish 3D technology in high volume consumer applications:
robust and accurate depth data by meeting size and power consumption requirements of mobile devices.

Product variants

The next generation ToF imagers of the REAL3™ family are strongly improved in sensitivity by the usage of micro-lens technology.
IRS16x5C is additionally optimized in size and power consumption.


Type Pixel Resolution Description  Package

352 x 288 pixel
(100k pixel)

single-chip ToF sensor with micro-lenses; full resolution

bare die

IRS1645C 224 x 172 pixel
(38k pixel)

single-chip ToF sensor with micro-lenses; size optimized ASIC

bare die

IRS1615C 160 x 120 pixel
(19k pixel)

single-chip ToF sensor with micro-lenses; size optimized ASIC

bare die


3D reference camera

The CamBoard pico flexx is the latest 3D imaging reference camera designed around the REAL3™ Image Sensor.
CamBoard pico flexx is designed and supported by our development partner pmdtechnologies.
For further details and ordering please visit CamBoard_picoflexx

Product features


Highest level of integration

  • Integrated A/D converters for full
    digital readout
  • Integrated CSI-2 interface
  • Integrated controller and logic for
    • Illumination control
    • Pixel matrix modulation
    • Autonomous imaging phase
Best performance
  • Optimized micro-lens technology for highest photo sensitivity
  • Patented Suppression of Background Illumination (SBI)
  • Fast global shutter data readout for lowest latency (typ. 1-4ms)
  • Frame rates up to 100fps
  • Modulation frequency up to 100MHz
  Highest functionality
  • Flexible configuration during operation
    via I2C interface of
    • Frame rate
    • Exposure time
    • Modulation frequency
  • Configurable region of interest




Strong system partner network

The partnership between pmdtechnologies and Infineon is completed by a network of third party companies, such as well established high volume camera module manufacturers having prototypes available, gesture detection middleware partners, and system component suppliers for optical components, LEDs, laser, USB bridges and more.

Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
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